Talking prose & politics with Shani Mootoo & Marcello Di Cintio

Recently, I interviewed Shani Mootoo (Giller-prize nominated author of Cereus Blooms at Night, Valmiki’s Daughter, and several other works) and Marcello Di Cintio (Shaughnessy Cohen Prize-winning author of Walls: Travels Along the Barricades and two other non-fiction books) for Briarpatch Magazine.

shani & marcello

“I’m fascinated by people’s stories. Being a writer is like having a backstage pass into the lives of interesting people. Meeting them and hearing those stories is the engine that runs my work,” said Di Cintio.

“I always feel that art in its many forms slices through ideology and approaches truth better than any argument, probably because, in the end, art tries to find the heart of the matter rather than the brain of it,” said Mootoo.

Read the rest of the interview here

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